Tami Gallagher, MNLA-CP, Master Gardener

Business Leader, Gardener Extraordinaire



Tami loves all aspects of gardening and has a wide variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs, grasses, herbs, and vegetables growing in and out of her home. She loves to experiment and often refers to her gardens as labs. She is willing to try anything. While she tries not to get too attached to any one plant, she does tend to fall head over heels over certain ones.


Her recent love? Ornamental evergreens!  She loves to mix herbs, veggies, annuals, and perennials in containers.  She loves to move things all around during the season. She loves to push the hardiness zone. She likes to teach and share her love of gardens; to her 4 kids, her nieces & nephews, her employees, her clients...anyone who will listen. She loves taking photos of gardens.  She loves bugs and rocks and critters. She loves 'picking' her dinner.  She loves sharing the bounty. She loves the sounds, the textures, the smells, the spirituality, the healing power, the magical-ness of gardens! She believes there is nothing better than being dirty and sweaty at the end of the day!

Tris Anderson

Office Manager



Tris been an office manager for various companies during the last 30 years, and an avid gardener for the last 20 years. For many years, flowers, flowers, and more flowers were her only focus during the growing season. Then three years ago, Tris' family constructed a raised vegetable bed for her as a Mother's Day gift. She has loved being able to bring food from the garden to the dinner table! (She's planning on asking for a bigger garden plot this year.)

Taking on the role of office manager for Home Sown Gardens is the best of both worlds for Tris. She is so excited for this great opportunity!

Ann Hortsch

Master Gardener, Project Manager



Ann is a farmer at heart.   She grew up on a hobby farm in northern Minnesota and continues the family tradition by feeding her family with produce grown in her backyard. As was her father before her, she is an organic gardener who utilizes companion planting, natural soil amending with compost and manure, beneficial insects, rain barrels and sustainable plantings.


During March through May, Ann’s basement turns into a nursery for plants started from seed and she always starts too many.   She also has a continually expanding perennial garden and is forever rearranging, trying new cultivars, adding trees, making room for this and that and cutting down yard that her husband must mow by breaking more ground for her “finds.” She wants to try it all – hedges, grasses, rock gardens, rock walls, roses, conifers, fruit trees…


Ann's gardens are an extension of her home. Birds, bees and insects help her in pursuit of a balanced ecosystem, a pleasant retreat for family and friends in harmony with nature. She loves dirt, rocks, working outside for hours and hours, deadheading, weeding, a sturdy wheelbarrow and a good pair of clippers.

Kathleen Whaley

Master Gardener, Project Manager


Gardening has been a passion for Kathy for 25 years. She has several perennial beds and in recent years has branched out into herb and vegetable gardens. Her favorite Mothers Day activity is recruiting her children into the garden with her for the day.


Kathy has always loved sharing her knowledge and plants with her neighbors, and is frequently asked for advice and suggestions in their own gardens. In her experience, a love of the outdoors and gardening bring a neighborhood together.

Laura Benhardus



LD has always had an affinity for little growing things. From the first sight of sunflower sprouts at age 8 to urban farming in college to a foray into straw bale gardening and worm composting, she never ceases to be amazed at the power of the plant.


When she isn't gardening, LD enjoys running 5Ks with her husband, feeding spinach to her cats, and reading. 

Katie Culshaw



Katie's love of gardening started when, after college, her graphic design internship did not turn into a job. She needed some way to make money in the meantime so she got a job in a small nursery. After moving into her first apartment she attempted container gardening tomatoes and herbs with limited success. It continued when she and her husband bought their first house that came with a fully landscaped yard and a large vegetable patch, forcing her to learn how to keep things alive! She was officially bitten by the gardening bug and, eager to learn, took many gardening classes through community ed, joined a community garden and then tackled landscaping her yard in their new house (a work always in progress!) When not in the garden, you can usually find her in the bleachers watching one of her 3 kids' sporting events. She also likes to re-hab old furniture, hike, bike, run, camp (specially in the BWCA), and hug trees!


"At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair should be messy and your eyes sparkling." - Shanti

Allyson Rose



With a degree in environmental science, a year of trail work on the Pacific Crest Trail, and 3 years with the National Park Service, it’s clear that Allyson loves nature. While with the park service, Allyson focused on exotic plant management and native plant identification at Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park and St. Croix Falls National Scenic Riverway.


Most recently, Allyson has taken to edible and medicinal plants and herbs, bringing functionality and sustainability to the garden. Whether it’s starting too many herbs in a tiny apartment window, or container planters and local sustainable gardens, Allyson loves all aspects of gardening.


Madison Wessling



Madison grew up in the Twin Cities Metro and then moved to North Dakota where she completed a degree in Public Health Education.  Now that she is done with college, she uses her free time to spend with friends and family, to go for bike rides around the trail system in the Twin Cities, and to swim in the lakes.


Madison loves to be outside, create beautiful things, and learn! She excited for this new journey in gardening and for the farmers tan. 

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The glory of gardening:
hands in the dirt,
head in the sun,
heart with nature.
To nuture a garden is to feed
not just the body, but the soul.

—Alfred Austin

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