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Edible Containers FAQ and Contact Form


Can I customize my container? I don’t like cilantro, can I have Banana peppers instead?

We carefully select and design our edible containers with purpose and synergy in mind. While customization can be discussed, changing our “recipe” could alter the rest of the plant’s growth and production. Customization could also increase the cost of your container.

How do I know when to harvest my potatoes?

Each container will include a detailed care sheet with tips on how to keep your garden growing great! It will also detail harvest tips and tricks, though the ultimate yield will depend on site conditions and level of care.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

How many servings of Papas are we talking about here?

With proper care, the Big Papas container should yield approx. 24-48 small potatoes. While that is a large range, there are so many factors in vegetable production that we cannot accurately predict exactly how many veggies you will yield but it’s proven science that edible containers + full sun + water + love = happy veggies.

Edible Containers Menu

Minnesota Mild

Fresh tomatoes jive with bright cilantro and mild jalapenos to start off a classic salsa base or fresh topping for grilled fish. Edible flowers brighten the display and attract pollinators to get pollinatin'!


Herb Your Enthusiasm

An aromatic array of herbs brings the flavors of the Mediterranean to your supper with rosemary, thyme, sweet basil, and oregano tucked between edible nasturtium flowers. Bring herbs indoors to keep the flavor rolling all winter long!


Let’s Get Lit

Kick your salsa making into high gear with this trio of jalapeno, serrano and your choice of habanero or bhut jolika (ghost) peppers that will be sure to knock your taste buds socks off! Marigolds turn up the heat with red hot color all season long!


Love It When You Call Me ‘Big Papá’

Grow all the fixings for roasted rosemary potatoes with succulent white baby potatoes topped by fragrant rosemary and edible nasturtium flowers to brighten up the patio while your potatoes are percolating underground!


Edible Containers Order Form

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Container delivery is estimated for mid-May, 2023 and is available within our service area surrounding Eagan, MN.