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If you've ever taken delight in the smell of soil, or worked to transform a forgotten garden into something beautiful, this might be the career for you!


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Summer is in full swing — flowers are blooming, tomatoes are ripening, and your garden is lush and green — and then you remember your vacation is coming up next week. If you're not lucky enough to have an automated sprinkler system, you could come back from your restful trip to find all your hard work dried up in the summer heat.


What to do when you leave for some R&R? Here are a few time-tested strategies to make sure your garden looks as great when you come back as the day you left.


  • Harvest your veggies. Even if they are slightly under-ripe, picking your veggies early will ensure the plants continue to produce when you come home.
  • If you can move it, get it out of the sunshine. Depending on how long you'll be gone, a few days in the shade can keep your pots from drying out.
  • Time-release watering tools. These glass bulbs, common at many grocery stores, are designed to release water over time as the soil dries out, ensuring your pots aren't over (or under) watered. This can be especially useful for hanging baskets, which can be difficult to move to the shade if you don't have a hook handy.
  • Find a plant sitter. The best thing for your plants is simply to find someone to take care of them. Paying your entreprenuerial neighborhood kids, or asking your plant-inclined neighbor for a favor your can return later, is an easy way to take care of all kinds of plant needs.

Happy vacationing!

Who are we?


Home Sown Gardens takes a personal approach to maintenance, restoration, and individualized coaching in the greater Twin Cities area. Our gardeners work with spaces of all shapes and sizes!


What makes us different?

We care. About you, your landscapes, gardens, and the environment.

Gardening is all we do. We are expert Gardeners. We leave everything else in your yard to those respective experts.

Our commitment to maintenance. Whether you have us create a new garden or care for preexisting areas, we will make sure that your investment stays beautiful all spring, summer and fall and we will get your outdoor spaces ready for winter.

Our Experience. You can count on our experts with many years of gardening and maintenance experience, education, great ideas and knowledge to answer your questions and deliver high quality care for your garden and soul.


Improve your garden; enhance your life. We take a gardening approach to overall well-being. When your garden looks great, you feel great. You can feel pride in your surroundings and enjoy the beauty without the work.



Please check out our site, see all that we do, and contact us to get your seasonal maintenance scheduled.


Your landscape and gardens are always in good hands with Home Sown Gardens. Our services include spring and fall clean-up and winter prep, seasonal and holiday planters, customized maintenance, renewed designs and installation for existing beds, restoration of overgrown beds, and coaching. In the process, we always keep your personal wishes and needs in mind.

Interested in a consultation?

We're happy to come by your property for an on-site garden and/or landscape consultation. Initial Meetings and Estimates are always complimentary! Call us at: (651) 434-7349.


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The glory of gardening:
hands in the dirt,
head in the sun,
heart with nature.
To nuture a garden is to feed
not just the body, but the soul.

—Alfred Austin

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