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With a selection of services to choose from, we provide a completely customized approach to garden maintenance and care. Whether you are an experienced gardener just looking for an extra set of hands to help out, or you are diving into homeownership and are not sure where to start, our team is ready to assist you in a personalized way to help you accomplish your garden goals!

Popular Services

Redesign takes the footprint of an existing bed and refreshes it with new plants and splits of existing plants. Refresh a tired garden with a redesign!

Restoration is the answer to a season (or more) of neglect. We are honored and humbled to provide relief to our clients experiencing bereavement or recovery from illness or injury by caring for an extension of their lives in the outdoors.

Installation of a whole new garden bed is often within our scope! Contact us for a complimentary consult and we would love to evaluate the scope of your project and help get it done or point you in the direction of one of our trusted landscaping partners.

Maintenance takes all the stress and fuss of weeding, pruning, and monitoring your gardens off of your shoulders. Our professional teams provide monthly service to give you back your weekends. Hello summer!

And the gardening season doesn’t end when the snow flies! Rather, winter is a great opportunity to get some specialized tasks done in a way that promotes the health of your garden and is budget-friendly!

Have you ever wished you had a trusted garden-savvy neighbor whose brain you could pick about what to do in your own garden? Coaching services provide a customized plan for garden care and maintenance that is tailored to your unique space.

Whether you are looking for added color in addition to your existing garden bed or you want to add a splash of color to city living, customized containers provide that added zing of seasonal décor to brighten any space. Sizes and styles are tailored to you and your taste, and no one else on your block will have anything like it!

Interested in our services?

Set up a complementary consultation! We’re happy to meet you onsite for a tour of your gardens. We can discuss which of our services best fits your needs and provide an estimate for our services.