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Edible Gardening


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Soil Health

If N-P-K makes you say “IDK”, give us a call! 

What is Edible Gardening?

The majority of the gardening that we do is focused on ornamental gardens, those that provide beauty and tranquility through their visual appeal. Some ornamental gardens can contain edible plants, which provide a dual purpose of beauty and produce, but the majority are simply a feast for the eyes. Some are a feast for our native pollinator species with plant varieties that are native to our region featured to provide both food, shelter, and breeding grounds for important biodiversity. Edible Gardening focuses on those plants that provide sustenance to us through their leaf, root, and fruit. 

Why Edible Gardening?

A family activity, response to climate change, management of health concerns, or knocking the socks off your neighbor Deb. There are so many reasons to grow your own produce, from the mundane to the serious.

For the new hobby gardener, the world of edible gardening can provide a perfect dovetail between the plant world and the culinary world. If you love trying new things in the kitchen, why not grow some of them?

What’s to eat, Coach?

The thrill of starting a new project is always enough to make you feel that it will carry you through the mundanity. But what happens when July rolls around and you find yourself and your crops starting to look a little peaked? Edible Gardening Coaching offers you access to professional advice and tips with the understanding that when you know better you can do better. 

N-P-K, Say What?

You don't need a degree in Horticulture to get on the right side of the science of soil health. Our team is happy to create a customized care plan to invest value in the long-term health of your garden for bountiful harvests for years to come.