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Seasonal Containers

Five seasons of
color, texture, and beauty

A warm welcome home or a luxe first impression for guests, our custom designs bring the unique beauty of bloom and foliage to your doorstep, patio, or poolside.

Homes and businesses around the Twin Cities are decked with five seasons of custom color and design thanks to our seasonal containers!

From classic to romantic, colorful to modern monochrome, our custom designs match your taste and space to a tee! A perfect accent or centerpiece, a custom container beautifully mirrors the transition from one season to the next.

If a container doesn't meet your needs, all the same features are available for in-ground annuals. Weave a colorful thread through your gardens and landscape with a rotating selection of seasonal annuals! Read more about utilizing annuals in the landscape here!


Nothing says “Spring” like the new green shoots of a daffodil peeking up through a pot of pansies. These fresh and cheerful containers provide a welcoming greeting at the front door to your home or business and can be customized in a myriad of ways to fit your space.


Whether it's a tropical escape you seek, or a cool modern statement, summer containers offer a vast range of themes and styles. From rustic to robust, these containers accent your outdoor space in style.


Welcome the season of harvest with a bountiful display drawing on the rich color palette of fall. Relish the fleeting autumn days with an array of foliage, flowers, and other natural décor.


With the onset of winter, these seasonal containers remind us of the bounty that waits just under the snow. A truly custom arrangement, each winter container is one-of-a-kind, featuring foraged greenery and accents in addition to classic spruce tips.

Early Spring

A fifth season? Yes!

Welcome the onset of spring with frost-proof seasonal décor that brings the warmth of spring to the earliest days! Birch and Yellow Dogwood twigs provide height while dried cuttings and other décor items create a seasonal vignette to grace your entry.