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Garden Maintenance

Keep your gardens beautiful all season long.

At Home Sown Gardens, we use a holistic approach to garden care–understanding the relationship between plants, bugs, season, and soil helps us create customized maintenance plans for each garden we encounter. Our lead and crew gardeners are trained to identify and solve garden problems with their knees-down, eyes-open, and hands-on tactics. They will leave your gardens looking pristine and healthy after every visit.

Our maintenance services include weeding, pruning, debris removal, deadheading, transplanting, and personalized maintenance notes. Mulching, small plantings, and other tasks may be added depending on the season.

Examples of our work!

“I sat on my porch this morning and looked at my gardens. They are so beautiful. When you said you’d treat them like your own, you really meant it. Thank you!” – Miriam Segall, Minneapolis