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Garden Maintenance

From hand weeding to deadheading, individual pruning to pinching, fertilizing to fluffing, we have specialized tasks associated with every single plant in your garden. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the long list of tasks to complete for your garden, give us a call!

Utilizing research-based techniques, we prioritize the health and beauty of your garden to ensure it looks gorgeous and thrives for seasons to come!

Each of these visits is followed by a detailed Client Notes email where our Lead Gardeners share a summary of tasks completed in the garden, what they noticed in the garden, any particular issues that may be beginning to show up along with potential solutions. We feel that these notes are essential to keep you apprised of what's growing on in your garden each month as things can change quickly and weather and other environmental stressors can have a huge impact on the health and beauty of your landscape.

A Typical Season

Spring Cleanup

During the first visit of the year, our team is going to set your gardens up for a successful season. From removing the debris that collected over winter to getting some pruning out of the way, your gardens will be ready to rock! Edging the garden beds makes a crisp edge that prevents your lawn from creeping in and mulch from washing out. Another focus at Spring Cleanup is to note any damage that may have occurred over the winter in order to prevent it from occurring going forward.

Early Maintenance

After the rush of Spring Cleanup, early maintenance visits continue the pace of staying on top of pruning as early spring blooming shrubs finish their show. Other shrubs may still need to wait to prune based on when they flower or fruit. Weeding is a major component as the soil warms and dormant seeds begin to germinate. Pinching some of the taller perennials now is also essential to make sure they stay standing tall when it's their time to shine in late summer and autumn!


The heat of summer can bring the slowing of growth in the garden, while other tasks can kick into high gear. Pruning of early summer blooming shrubs like lilacs is a time-sensitive task as the window for safe pruning closes by August. Depending on the weather and the contents of the garden, now may be an ideal time to split some perennials to refresh and refill bare or thin areas of the yard. Additionally, now is when diseases and pests can come into view, so keeping tabs on what is visiting the garden is essential.

Late Summer

Cooling temperatures and increased rain kick off another round of weeding as dormant seeds spring to life. Fine-tuning can be done on certain shrubs and trees that may have reacted a little too enthusiastically to pruning earlier in the season. This is still a great time to split and transplant existing perennials or make plans for a redesign when plants are in their mature form and gaps or spaces are easy to see.

Fall Cleanup

Closing out the “regular” gardening season does not mean that it's game over for your gardens! If a hard freeze has occurred, many of the more tender perennials may have collapsed, and we will clean up the debris from those plants. Some other plants make excellent winter interest and provide food and shelter for birds and pollinators over the winter. And of course, we take a proactive approach to clearing leaf debris to prevent smothering of your gardens before snow arrives.