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Community Projects

HSG & the Community

Home Sown Gardens believes in philanthropy, volunteerism, and charity as important foundational values and ways to be active in our community. 

Through direct and indirect volunteerism, we strive to create a better community for all of our neighbors. From serving on committees and service groups to team volunteer projects, we seek to live our mission of restoring our communities through gardening! Our goals include performing several service projects within our service area each season. 

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Each spring, we accept applications from individuals or nonprofit organizations that could benefit from our gardening expertise.

A few examples of gardens we’ve done in the past include churches, group homes, senior centers, community centers, and personal residences.

Individuals and organizations must be located within our service area and the work to be done must fall within our scope of services.

If you are interested in applying to be a recipient, fill out the form below, and we will be in touch!

Volunteering with Tree Trust

We love planting trees! Each year we divide into teams of HSG gardeners and plant trees around our community through volunteer events organized by Tree Trust and the Autonomous Collective. Here are some highlights from previous years!