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Work with Us!

Do you enjoy the immediate gratification of pulling a weed? Do you appreciate being connected to the earth? If you’ve ever taken delight in the smell of soil, or worked to transform a forgotten garden into something beautiful, this might be the career for you! While previous experience or knowledge are certainly benefits, we welcome any body who is willing to learn and ready to get their hands dirty!

Experience every change of the season with a career in the green industry! Minnesota’s warm months are so fleeting, why not embrace them by getting outside every day?

Requirements for Field Positions

  • Able to lift 40 lbs frequently
  • The capability of crawling on hands and knees for long periods of time.
  • Tolerance for heat and cold, working in wet, snowy, rainy conditions.
  • Tolerance for exposure to biting and stinging insects, snakes, pets, and other animals.
  • Grit and enthusiasm for physical work over long days.
  • The gardening season runs from mid-March through mid-November, depending on the weather.
  • Schedule availability Monday through Saturday.
  • 6:30 am start time, end time varies based on projects.
  • Hours vary based on season and workload, ranging from 7 to 10 hours per day.
  • Part-time availability (3-4 days per week, depending on position) is based on days worked in a week, not on hours worked in a day.
  • Full-time availability (4-5 days per week, depending on position)

NOTE: Part-time does NOT refer to the number of hours worked per day, but rather the number of days worked per week. Part-time employees work the same number of hours in a day as Full-time.

  • All employees are provided with fabric face coverings to be worn while working within 6ft of other crew or clients and whenever indoors.
  • HSG works to maintain sanitation protocols recommended by the Minnesota State Department of Health.

What people say about working at HSG

"Working at Home Sown Gardens is a joy!
This is a company with heart, a business that
nurtures the souls of clients, employees and the
earth itself while creating beauty.
Employees are hardworking and dedicated to high
standards of excellence. It is great working
with a fun and talented team that is so devoted.”
Home Sown Gardens is a great place
to connect with yourself and nature. 
It’s a great job to learn lots about gardening,
perseverance, and truly working hard every day.
You can’t be afraid to get dirty.
It is a rewarding experience to see gardens
flourish & transform.
Home Sown Gardens
feels like just that; “home sown”
and often cozy. I have to say
that, hands down, this was
the most personal working
experience I’ve ever had the
pleasure of showing
up to every day.
"Working for Home Sown Gardens is a joy every day.
Not only do I spend my day doing what I love, but
I have found my co-workers to be such fun and
supportive people. We have a great time every day. “
It is so rewarding to do this job with
the wonderful coworkers I have
for the clients we have under your
direction and leadership.