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Reach your gardening goals with a little help from a HSG Master Gardener!

Learn to care for your gardens throughout the season. Our Master Gardeners will teach you gardening best practices for your unique garden. Some areas of education include:

General Care

If you have inherited landscaped and garden plots, it can be difficult to figure out what plants you now have and how to take care of them. Our Master Gardeners will help you identify your new plants and explain how best to care for each of them.

Summer Maintenance

Starting early in the summer, learn how to spot weeds and use proper weeding techniques. As the summer progresses, learn what plants should be deadheaded or trimmed.

Garden Rejuvenation

If you would like your spaces revitalized and want to do the work yourself, but don’t know where to begin or how to make a plan, a HSG gardener will assist you in creating a redesign and how best to implement it.

Spring and Fall Clean-Up

Learn what in your gardens should be removed, cut back, pruned, and protected for the winter.

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