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ReDesign and Installation

Edit your existing gardens with the help of our experienced Account Managers. Keep what you love, remove what you don't, or try something new! Our Account Managers will help you redesign your garden for maximum beauty and longevity. Our crew gardeners can then make that design come to life.

Our redesign and installation services are completely customizable, suitable for every gardening style. See some of our examples below!

Don't let the time table of refreshing your garden deter you from the incredible transformation that can occur when a little bit of effort and intentional design remakes your space!

Just a few short months can be the difference between chaos and beauty!

This gorgeous garden surrounding the client's patio is alive with pollinators all season, but the people who also enjoy it could hardly see each other over it's massive height! 

With some thoughtful editing and a smattering of new plantings, it's filled in over the seasons with new dimensions of texture and color!

This utility bed is a focal point in front of this client's home and the tired evergreens and sparse perennials needed a glow up to make this bed sparkle once again. 


After removing the old plants, a fresh pallet of colorful sedums create vibrancy around a new false cypress specimen. This bed will welcome visitors for years with gorgeous color and texture!