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2,023 Reasons to Bloom in 2023! January Newsletter

The arrival of the new year has brought with it a tremendous amount of snow and the reminder that we are always at the mercy of the weather, even when we're not active out in the field! With the holiday break over, our office is once again rolling along with the planning and preparation for the 2023 season while our crew members engage in a variety of continuing education opportunities. This week will find us at Northern Green, an industry conference with learning opportunities and a chance to connect with fellow green industry professionals!

Redesign Time

Winter is a great time to proverbially “dig in” to garden planning and redesign! The break from field work means our Account Managers can take the time to create custom designs and care plans for your garden that align with your taste, preference, and style, making the long dark winter light up while images of sugar plums… er… pollinator-friendly perennials dance in your head! Read more about Redesign and how it can refresh your existing garden spaces here!

Prepayment Discount

We are now accepting pre-payments for the 2023 season! We will credit your account 10% of the amount you pre-pay, which will then be applied to your monthly maintenance invoices. The payment can be any amount over $500 and must be made by check post dated by Friday, March 10th.

Please note, deposits for containers, annuals, and projects are not eligible for the Prepayment Discount 10% credit.

Spring & Summer Containers Reminder

There is still time to get on our list for custom Spring or Summer Containers or In-ground Annuals! By expressing your interest early we are able to place orders early for the latest new releases from proven plant nurseries with new colors and varieties that have come available from 2022 plant trials. Let us take your summer from good to gorgeous with a custom container or in-ground annual installation!

Plant of the Month: Hakonechloa macra, Japanese Forest Grass

If you find you're tired of hosta hosta hosta in the shade garden, lighten things up with the bright and finely textured foliage of Japanese Forest Grass. This tough grass stays a neat 12-14″ tall and spreads 18-24″, its beautiful flowing habit reminiscent of a stream of water. A lovely accent when paired with larger and darker leafed plants, make sure it gets sufficient moisture to look its best.

Shrub of the Month: Taxus x media ‘Taunton’, Taunton Yew

A hardy and well behaved evergreen, Taunton Yew is a great choice for the home garden with soft needles and attractive dark green color, it provides an excellent backdrop to the flowers and foliage of your perennial garden. While it can be browsed by deer in some areas, it is a vigorous grower that can handle a lot of pruning by people or deer. If the wide upright spreading habit of Taunton doesn't meet your needs, other yew varieties are readily available which have been bred for other shapes and forms.

“Anyone who thinks that gardening begins in the Spring and ends in the Fall is missing the best part of the whole year; for gardening begins in January with the dream.”
Josephine Nuese