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HSG’s Response to COVID-19

During this uncertain time, Home Sown Garden’s founder and owner, Tami Gallagher, would like to provide a few words on our response to COVID-19 and its impacts on our clients, staff, and community:

At Home Sown Gardens, we’re used to disruptions. We use the words “weather permitting” and “it depends…” frequently. We are accustomed to working in rain, snow, heat, and even dog poop. Granted, we’ve never had to work through a novel coronavirus…still, we know how to prepare! Not only to keep our clients safe, but our crews and office staff as well. We have reinforced our company procedures, inside and outside the office, to maximize the health and safety of everyone involved in our lovely business. We’ve always been OSHA compliant, but we’re taking extra steps to follow all CDC, WHO, and health official guidelines.

We wash our hands regularly, disinfect common surfaces often, and practice social distancing, among other things. Luckily for us, gardening doesn’t require proximity. We can beautify your gardens without undo risk to ourselves or society. Doing our jobs will make your quarantine a little more enjoyable—instead of being “trapped” indoors, think of it as your very own terrarium. Natural environments, such as gardens and parks, have been shown to reduce symptoms from both anxiety and depression. Whether that’s due to the intrinsic beauty of greenery, or because one is moved to be outside in the sunshine amongst the flowers, gardens provide solace in times of upheaval.

Maybe a yoga session surrounded by leafy hosta is your ideal morning. Or perhaps you prefer a sunny game of catch in-between blooming phlox. We encourage you to get outside and enjoy your spaces. For more more ideas and information, check out this University of Minnesota Extension article!

Our clients have already received an email detailing our precautions for the season, but if you have questions or would like to know more about our procedures, please reach out to us! We will continue to keep you updated on our status and procedures as things evolve.


Tami Gallagher, MNLA-CP

Owner & Garden Extraordinaire