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Sensational Spring Bulbs

The seemingly unending gray days of late winter can make summer and its sea of blooms seem far off. At times like these it's important to remember the coming of spring and the early blooms that signal the beginning of a new season. Spring bulbs are an especially important harbinger of warmth and the return of green and growing things. Let's look at a few classic spring bulbs that you can enjoy in the garden!

Terrific Tulips

A classic spring flower that graces many a Mother's Day card, tulips come in a variety of colors and sizes to compliment just about any style of garden. Dramatic reds and purples, cheerful yellows and pinks, and classic white bring a feeling of spring wherever you plant them. Tulips need plenty of sunlight in order to Be sure to plant extra in an out-of-the-way spot so you have some for cutting to enjoy indoors!

Delightful Daffodils

The sunny yellow of a daffodil is like a tiny ray of sunlight in the garden bed, shining brightly from dawn to dusk. Varieties can have blooms that range in size from a few centimeters to over 5 inches and differ in color from white to cream to golden yellow. Newer varieties feature ruffled and double-petaled blooms. Some varieties are naturalizing so they will spread over time and create a lovely woodland effect throughout the garden.

Heavenly Hyacinth

As far as scent, nothing can beat the hyacinth for transporting floral aroma. This multi-bloomed bulb packs in the color and scent with dozens of flowers along an upright stem that can support the weight of bees and other pollinators searching for an early snack, provided it's planted in full sun. These bulbs send up foliage early but can take a few weeks before their flowers appear. Interplanting them with other bulbs fills in the gap in blooms to a lovely effect.

Magical Muscari

Commonly called Grape Hyacinth because of the adorable clusters of tiny grape-scented flowers in deep shades of blue and purple, muscari are an adorable addition to the spring garden. These diminutive bulbs are excellent in border plantings as their foliage and flowers only reach 6-8″ and their ephemeral nature means they will die back after spring and allow other plants to take the stage. Unlike most spring bulbs, muscari sometimes will send up their fine grassy foliage again in the fall, giving them a needed boost of photosynthesis to get them through the winter.

Awesome Allium

If you've ever wanted to hold a firework in your hands, bulb Allium is exactly the ticket! With varieties that can produce blooms as big as your head, bulb Allium is a show stopper towering over the spring garden. Shades of white, purple, and some bordering into the wine red range, bulb Allium has excellent rabbit and deer resistance thanks to its oniony flavor and scent.

With a variety of colors and forms, there is certainly a spring-blooming bulb that is perfect to highlight the change of seasons in your garden! For tips on how to plant and care for your bulbs, check out this post! If you want to take the guesswork out of finding the best varieties of bulbs to thrive in your site conditions, let us know! We're always happy to help!