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April Sunshowers Bring May Flowers! – HSG MayNewsletter

Happy Spring!

May 1st marks the midpoint between the Spring equinox (March 21) and the Summer Solstice (June 21), a common indicator of the start of astrological summer. Glancing outdoors, it certainly appears that we are finally out of the winter woods and into the spring mindset!


We are thrilled to be out and about in the Twin Cities performing Spring Cleanups and getting things rolling for another gorgeous season! Check out our blog for more details on some of the Spring Clean specific tasks we are taking care of, like cutting edge and season-specific pruning!

Beautiful Bulbs

Are you noticing bulb greenery starting to emerge? Do your neighbor's daffodils have you green with envy? This spring showcase of beautiful blooms actually starts with planting in the fall. Let us know that you're interested and we will contact you when the time is right to set the stage for a beautiful show next spring!

Horrible Hare & Dastardly Deer

As we work through your garden, you may notice that we are leaving stakes and fencing in place that are providing winter critter protection. We are choosing to do this for the first month as there has been a significant uptick in the volume of rabbit and deer damage over the past few winters. To prevent your precious plants from getting munched before the majority of the rest of the garden wakes up, we've decided to opt for the cautious approach.

Community Service 2023

A foundational value at Home Sown Gardens is giving back to our community and it's time for us to do that again!
We are now accepting applications for our Community Service Projects for 2023! We are committed to bringing the life-changing power of gardens to our communities and neighbors by volunteering our professional skills and labor hours to restore and redesign existing gardens in spaces where communities gather and people heal.
Applications are now active on our website!

Field Feature: Kerplantz! Plant Sale

Our friends over at Field Outdoor Spaces have been landscaping in the Twin Cities since 2005 and in that time have developed a gorgeous, modern plant palate of hardy and hardworking perennials. Their plant palates are scalable for spaces from 10 sq. ft. and beyond and for site conditions both shady and sunny. A unique feature of the Kerplantz! palates are the addition of specimen plants to add layers of texture, color, and interest to their filler palates. Kerplantz! Spring Plant Sale is coming up soon with preorders now available on their website.  Happy Planting!

Perennial of the Month

Polygonatum spp. Solomon's Seal

A native woodland plant, Solomon's Seal stands tall with gracefully arching stems that provide architectural detail in the shade to sun garden. With small bell-shaped flowers that fade to pendulous blue berries, it can be an aggressive spreader in ideal conditions but is easy to control. Come fall, this graceful beauty takes on a golden hue that practically glows in the dark.

Shrub of the Month

Forsythia x intermedia Show Off Sugar Baby Forsythia

A sweet short shrub that is ideal for use as a small hedge, this forsythia cultivar adds a zing of spring color with a robe of golden blooms before anything else has leafed out. The medium texture in the full sun garden makes it a nice backdrop to other things during the rest of the season. Easy to prune and maintain, this is an excellent addition to any size landscape.