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Love Grows Where HSG Goes: February Newsletter

During the winter it can be tempting to hibernate, but we're busy as can be with education and training to improve our services and promote our crew development.

From chainsaw safety class with a nationally recognized trainer to preparing for a professional certification exam with the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association, we are hitting the books and the field to be as prepared as possible for whatever 2023 brings our way!

Pre-Payment Discount

In preparation for another great season, we are accepting pre-payments for maintenance services! When you send in your check for $500 or more by Friday, March 10th, we then credit your account for an additional 10% of the total payment to be applied to your monthly maintenance invoices!

Note: Deposits for projects, annuals, and containers are not eligible for the 10% credit.

Edible Containers

If you've ever wished for the flavor and color that only fresh herbs and veggies can provide, don't miss out on our new line of edible containers! These all-in-one grow bags bring the fresh flavors of the veggie garden to you in a tidy and easy-to-maintain package. Choose from Farmer Hill's menu of delicious and affordable options, and did we mention these containers come to you ready to rock?

Delivery is targeted for mid-May, and these make a great gift for the gourmet in your life!


Coming Soon: Hiring for 2023

It's time to prepare for the upcoming season by adding to our team of professional gardeners! We're looking for hard working folks who love to be outdoors to join us for the 2023 season! We appreciate you sharing our job postings with your network, and look forward to returning to your gardens with our strongest team yet!

When we have jobs posted to Indeed, they will be available here

Did you know that straw bales can make a great growing medium for annuals like vegetables for a variety of reasons? Read all about it on the blog from Farmer Hill!

Plant of the Month:
Asarum canadense, Wild Ginger

For a unique groundcover in the shade garden, Wild Ginger holds its own in the foliage department. Rounded heart-shaped leaves are covered in fine hairs that give it a cuddly look, and hiding below its foliage are unique Pokémon shaped flowers that lend themselves to pollination by ants. Tolerant of poor conditions, Wild Ginger can spread to form dense colonies that help to retain moisture and prevent weeds from getting in.

A delight in the landscape as well as cut arrangements, Pussy Willow is a harbinger of spring during the late winter cold. With a pleasing round form, this hardy shrub can form a multi-stemmed tree and is one of the earliest blooms in the spring garden. It's fuzzy catkins give way to pollinator magnet blooms before its silver blue foliage opens. Bright golden fall color rounds out a lovely season.

 “The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination.”
Terri Guillemets

We so appreciate your continued support of our small business and we look forward to seeing you again soon to start the 2023 season!

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The Home Sown Gardens Team