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Mid-Melt March Madness: HSG March Newsletter

Warm greetings to all our friends and clients!

Despite the weather playing with our hopes, we are preparing for the coming of Spring! Ultimately, we are at Mother Nature's mercy. While this snow is getting a little bit tiresome, we are fully aware that it is helping to offset the historic drought conditions throughout the state from the past few years and hopefully ensure a more vibrant spring and summer this year! 
We are keeping busy with hiring, training, and preparing for the coming season, whenever it decides to arrive! 

Get Growing: Edible Gardening Services for 2023

Nothing says summer like the taste of fresh produce still warm from the sun! If you have been dreaming of that summertime treat but don't know where to get started, give our Edible Gardening professionals a call! From starting an all-new edible garden to revamping an existing garden to interpreting a soil test and what it actually means to add phosphorus to your garden, your vegetable bed will produce better than ever with some pro help from HSG! 
Whether you are a long-time veggie gardener looking for some tips & tricks or a new arrival to the urban farm scene, our Edible Gardening pros can get you the customized help you need to have the most productive year yet! Contact us now to get on our schedule for this spring!

Prepayment Reminder

Time is running out to submit your prepayment for the 2023 season! By submitting a minimum payment of $500 via check before Friday, March 24th, we will add 10% of your total prepayment amount to your account and then utilize the prepayment balance for services throughout the season. 

Contact us for more information and to take advantage of this money-saving opportunity!


Now Hiring: Gardeners!

It's finally time to get our teams hired up for the 2023 season! Our job postings are live on Indeed with both part and full-time positions available for the coming season. We appreciate you sharing our job postings with your networks to help us build the best team yet!

Perennial of the Month: Bergenia 'Sakura', Bergenia or Pigsqueak

With cute, evergreen foliage and gorgeous pink flowers, Bergenia fill a niche in the shade to part shade garden. These low growing perennials stay around 6-10″ in height and slowly spread to 12-18″, making them a nice neighbor to other shade lovers. Their flowers appear in early spring on thick red stems, and even after deadheading, their foliage colors bring interest to the shade garden all season long! Autumn color is an added bonus for these cuties!

Shrub of the Month: Chamaecyoaris pisifera, Golden Charm Falsecypress

The value of texture and color in the landscape is apparent when viewing a monochromatic scene of medium green foliage of medium texture, repeated over and over. Break it up with an adorable addition to the landscape, this evergreen shrub with golden sprays of threadlike needles that brings warmth and brightness to the garden! With a tidy size and pyramidal shape, the golden glow of this shrub is a shining jewel in the garden.

One swallow does not make a summer, but one skein of geese, cleaving the murk of March thaw, is the Spring.
Aldo Leopold


We are looking forward to being back in your gardens again soon! Thinking warm thoughts!


The Home Sown Gardens Team